Light Warrior Wisdom e-book

Light Warrior Wisdom e-book
Author: Beverley-Anne Bear
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Life is a journey.  As we travel along the road, discovering life, we realise that there is no roadmap for life; just a moment by moment discovery of self,   discovering who we are and more excitingly who we want to be, or become.

This book has been written from Source, the Higher Power, Creator of all that is and who some people refer to as God.  I share information with you that I have gathered on my personal journey, but what you do with this information is up to you; as always you have a choice.

Once we are aware that this life is an illusion, likened to a virtual reality game, and that we are here to play the game; to experience, have fun and create what we want to experience, everything changes.

The idea that life is a game seems ridiculous because we presume that this physical life is reality. The idea that life is a dream seems ludicrous because we presume that we are already awake.

About the Author

Beverley-Anne Bear was born in South Africa and worked in Finance for most of her adult life.  After losing her job unexpectedly in 2005, she asked God for Wisdom.  An intense, powerful, thought provoking dream followed, resulting in a journey of discovery and profound spiritual transformation, which radically changed her beliefs, her under- standing of the greater spiritual realm; as well as her approach to life and service to others.
Beverley-Anne is no longer new to the intense intervention which turned her path in an incredibly definitive way. The natural condition of her daily life became completely spirit led; drawing her into practicing meditation and quieting of the mind. This has strengthened her natural intuit gifts and evolved her empathic personality to actively practice her service as an energy healer, coach, transformational teacher and Author.


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