Animal Grace e-book

Animal Grace e-book
Author: Gabrielle Harris
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This book is designed to:

  • support you to let the animals in your lives be your therapists.
  • provide guidance to allow you to see yourself through the eyes of your beloved critters, with a view to your own personal well-being,
  • offer  improved animal care, training and communication which can translate to improved relationship with your life, the planet, and those close to you.

Ethical communication is fundamental to any good relationship.  It requires conscious choice about how we are, and how we interact with another.  For ‘animal people’, this self-awareness affords an effective and fulfilling relationship with the animal angels in our lives. Playing and interacting with animals – in an ethical manner, provides us the opportunity for enhanced self-awareness and personal growth.

Therapy does not work unless an individual choses to engage.  When we recognise animals as our teachers, it is best to humbly learn.  When we know we are learning to benefit their well-being, we have the required motivation.

The anecdotes and thoughts on these pages are for the good of the whole, however, it is not all serious, but quite the opposite. It is an invitation to rise above what you already know about yourself and life. It is an invitation to play!

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