The Hybrid Angels from Eden

The Hybrid Angels from Eden
Author: Yolanda Armien
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In this book the author takes the reader on a journey through Spiritualism in which she reveals amazing insigts into ancient knowledge and Higher Truth. The book includes spiritual-scientific explanations for the fallen state of mankind due to DNA manipulation which took place many eons ago at the hands of hybrid angels from 'Eden', the mythological place of creation.
Yolanda also offers hope for the future in the form of a simplified explanation of the notions of karma and reincarnation through which our present situations, challenges and even culture, race and sexual orientation are linked to our past life experiences. Finally she outlines our gradual evolution towards a glorious future destiny as Beings of Light and beauty which is our true spiritual nature and ultimate heritage.
About the author
The daughter of slave heritage parents, Yolanda had a difficult childhood in the District Six area of Cape Town, but has over come numerous obstacles to achieve her destiny of becoming a recognised clairvoyant and spiritual historian. She currently lives in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province of South Africa.

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