Ultimate Transformation - Life Beyond the Veil (E-book)

Ultimate Transformation - Life Beyond the Veil (E-book)
Author: Marietta Theunissen
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A fresh and compassionate approach to dealing with Death, Dying and the Afterlife by a well-known TV clairvoyant.

This book deals with the tricky subject of passing over in a non-threatening way, making it easier to accept the abundant life that is possible beyond this dimension. Through her long running TV Series and in private practice the author has gained experience of the wide variety of sometimes traumatic events that occur in people's lives and has interspersed her text with real life stories that are relevant to the problems that so many of us face but are sometimes afraid to ask about or don't know whom to ask.

About the Author

Marietta TheunissenMARIETTA THEUNISSEN is a clairvoyant, medium and teacher who has also completed 5 seasons of a show called “Die Ander Kant” which encompassed 65 episodes where she performed readings and consultations on the program which ran on “Kyknet” from 2004 to 2010.  She now has homes in both New Zealand and South Africa.
She recalls seeing nature spirits and being aware of spiritual beings from an early age.  Her psychic talent can be traced back several generations on her mother’s side. These skills have helped her in her dealings with clients and patients to clear blockages or to confirm to the client what has already come through clairvoyantly.
She and her daughter Julia who has followed in her path also run their own Internet Radio Station. Listen via the website for free readings, advice and just your spiritual information fix.

Marietta Theunissen
Her book is also in print available in SA only
in Afrikaans: Die Finale Keerpunt


Book Details
ISBN 9781920535179
Sub-Title Life Beyond the Veil
Format E-book (epub)
Pages 172
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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