The Universe Speaks - The Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025

The Universe Speaks - The Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025
The Universe Speaks - The Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025
Author: Roar Sheppard
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You can feel that changes are coming, but do you really know why?
Is it as simple as the fact that we have unbalanced the Earth with our behavior?
Or are there also deeper reasons…?
This is a guidebook for the changes to come after 2011 in terms of future culture, politics, society, spirituality, chakras, climate changes, eco villages, breathing, photon belts and Mother Gaia.
Providing a panoramic view of the future and giving us the necessary tools for the changes to come, this is the most comprehensive reference book available for the New Humanity.  Everybody should have this on their bookshelf to prepare for the love that comes after a short period of pain.
With deep love, the Universe speaks to us about specific changes we must make and why. The Universe has a plan for the Earth.
Would you like to find out what it is?

About the Author

Roar SheppardRoar Sheppard has spent over 15 years in S. Korea studying oriental medicine, meditation, breathing, art of divination.  He is a master of the art of Danjeon breathing, which is one of the core secrets of the meditation that can connect one to the universe, and has been travelling the world teaching it. Roar is already known for his lectures and classes on breathing and the Four Principles of Human Destiny.  He thinks it’s time for an honest conversation about the New Society that is coming; and hopes to share that with as many people as possible.

Book Details
ISBN 9781920533052
Sub-Title The Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025
Format Paperback
Pages 292
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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