Woman Now is the Time

Woman Now is the Time
Author: Liziwe Ntshengulana
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In a world that is out of its mind, you have to be out of your mind to navigate and live in it. Being out of the `out of the mind’ world means being in your right mind. In your right mind you are whole and not in judgment of anything. In the` out of the mind `world, people get entangled in all the rules that have been made through judgment of how form should and should not be. Form always is. Judging how it should be and making it into soemthing is the cause of pain and suffering. Now is the time for the each of us to be in our right minds in balance with our male and female energy to be whole, unconditionally loving to ourselves and thus others.

About the author

Liziwe Ntsgengulana is an educator by profession, having gone through the hierarchy of being a teacher, a Head of department, a principal and now an Education Development Officer, managing a group of schools. She is academically and professionally qualified, having graduated in BA Honors majoring in Geography, Economic Development, Tourism, Population Geography and Environmental Science. However, she admits that she got her first taste of being educated when she left everything that has to do with school.

She now reads and writes developmental books and is known as a controversial speaker, a bit of a maverick and a philosopher to those who know her. Most of the time she doesn’t subscribe to what others say.  She just lives her life and expresses whatever she feels the need to express moment by moment.  She inspires people to think and live their lives differently and fruitfully. People associate her with light hearted moments whenever she opens her mouth to speak and she has accepted that as her calling. Her words have refreshing value because she is out of her conditioned mind and into her right mind. What a joy that is for her.

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