Meditation for Everyone (eBook)

Meditation for Everyone (eBook)
Author: Bernard Vorster
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Intellectual understanding means nothing without experience; experience means nothing without intellectual understanding

Meditation for Everyone is a beautifully clear and concise guide to what meditation can do for you, how to begin and what to expect. Written by a wise, compassionate and experienced teacher, the book covers the seven points of mindfulness, the seven steps of meditation posture and twelve specific meditations including:

  • Calm abiding
  • Sense
  • Walking
  • Mantra
  • Insight
  • Gratitude
  • Loving kindness

Also included are Guidance from a Master and a section on understanding the mind.

About the author

Bernard lives down the Kwa Zulu Natal Coast with his wife Melody. In retirement since 2007, they run a yoga, meditation and retreat centre in the small village of Southbroom. Here they also show monthly cinema nouveau-style movies and invite guests to run various workshops. In his spare time from the centre, he enjoys playing golf – in fact their home is just a few metres from the golf course and the 13th tee-box.

He comes from a microbiology laboratory background, but has always had an interest in the workings of the mind and the practice of meditation.

Besides attending many short and long retreats in South Africa, he has travelled to China, Tibet and India as part of his spiritual quest, attending a number of retreats there as well. Being an avid reader himself, he has also studied many teachings from both east and west.

In helping many people begin their own practice of meditation, he has gained a lot of experience which he shares with new students. He hopes to encourage many more through the publication of this work, as he continues his work at their yoga and meditation centre.

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