The Role of Evil in Human Evolution - Exposing the Dark to Light

The Role of Evil in Human Evolution - Exposing the Dark to Light
The Role of Evil in Human Evolution - Exposing the Dark to Light
Author: David Ash, BSc., Cert.Ed.
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David Ash believes that for over 2,000 years this ancient cult has grown into a, secret super-government, the most powerful political and economic force on planet Earth today.
The role of fear and terror in human life is to inoculate us against fear as we step forward as ascended beings into a mighty Universe full of strange wonders and unexpected scenarios.
Are you tired of the secrets, lies and spins that many of us have been fed for so long? If you are, then when you read this controversial but enlightening book, you may just find yourself breaking out in laughter, wondering why you never saw it all before.

Supported by new and impeccable research, David Ash shines a bright light on the subject of religion and dogma which is absolutely vital for our future on the planet. This book reveals how we can achieve any target we set, if humanity has collective intent. All misery and suffering can be averted. We are Universal Playwrights of a new drama.

About the Author
David AshAs a child protege David Ash declared he would prove the existence of God  through science. David first presented the vortex physics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from the historic rostrum of Michael Faraday on January 15th, 1975. Since 1985, under the direction of Sir George Trevelyan, he has traveled the world integrating science and the spirit with vortex physics. His work has been featured on radio and television in the U.K., Canada, Australia and Russia.

Book Details
ISBN 9780980256130
Sub-Title Exposing the Dark to Light
Format Print Version
Pages 288
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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