The New Physics of Consciousness - Reconciling Science and Spirituality (E-book)

The New Physics of Consciousness - Reconciling Science and Spirituality (E-book)
Author: David Ash, BSc., Cert.Ed.
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With an easy rewrite of physics there is a profound philosophy. Clear analogies and simple diagrams make the science understandable and enthralling. A theory for everything emerges which is simple and brilliant! Supernova explosions in distant galaxies provide proof for the theory.
A new vision of matter sits with a fresh understanding of God. Science and religion reconciled, the Universe will never be quite the same again! The book includes a true David and Goliath story. In a revolutionary approach to science the author makes a deadly challenge to a major pillar of quantum theory. Albert Einstein described this pillar as ,a real witche's calculus, most ingenious, and adequately protected by its great complexity  against being proved wrong. If David vindicates Einstein, physics teaching in every University of the world would be impacted.

About the Author
David AshAs a child protege David Ash declared he would prove the existence of God  through science. David first presented the vortex physics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from the historic rostrum of Michael Faraday on January 15th, 1975. Since 1985, under the direction of Sir George Trevelyan, he has traveled the world integrating science and the spirit with vortex physics. His work has been featured on radio and television in the U.K., Canada, Australia and Russia.


Book Details
ISBN 9780980256123
Sub-Title Reconciling Science and Spirituality
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 250
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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