The Reawakening of Consciousness - A New Perspective on the Christ Consciousness (E-book)

The Reawakening of Consciousness - A New Perspective on the Christ Consciousness (E-book)
Author: Luis Miguel Falcao
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In this book the reader will learn about the truth behind the lies told them by religion about God. They will be exposed to how our minds work, the origins of the human species and the true origins of church religion and understand why the church has failed to provide us with any true conclusive evidence about God.

They will learn about where the truth lies and how to discover it without travelling far. Most of all they will learn about the truth of Yeshu, the impeccable man known as Jesus who became a Christed Soul.

About the Author

Luis Miguel FalcaoLuis Falcao was born with the ability to see and converse with dimensions others could not, and as a child, Luis was able to recollect in detail, many of his past lives, lived on Earth as well as on other planes. He would speak directly to the spirit guides of people around him, giving them messages of love and hope from the Spirit World. At the age of nine, he physically met his Spirit Guide, an Archangel, named Urial who has guided him until recently. He now channels Michaelilu, his higher consciousness.

Luis dedicated his life to helping his clients through Regressional therapy for the purpose of spiritual reconnection with a higher consciousness. Working as a Regressional Hypnotherapist, gave him confirmation and affirmation that the regular spiritual visions and messages he got, were true.

Book Details
ISBN 9780981411736
Sub-Title A New Perspective on the Christ Consciousness
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 329
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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