Twin Souls - Lighting the Path

Twin Souls - Lighting the Path
Twin Souls - Lighting the Path
Author: Roger Nichols
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This is the story of two twin souls who combined by choice at the beginning of time, choosing their path long before it was required.  All light beings have their appointed or chosen tasks, each with certain strengths to help them achieve that task.  For these two the difference was one of a minute amount of additional knowledge that they gleaned and were able to retain over countless lifetimes of providing this service.
This is a fascinating insight into their journey and their work from the beginning of time until now. It is an insight into the journeys taken by us all and gives us an understanding of what all of us have experienced up until now.  Find the real meaning of heaven, hell and evil, of karma and free will, along with the realities about twin souls.
If you want to understand why you are exactly where you find yourself and if you want to move forward, this book has been written to help you.  The information has been given by those with a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of why we find ourselves this time at one of the most important cross roads so far on our path.


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Format paperback
Publisher Kima Global

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