Gain Friends, Lead People, Be a Hero (E-book)

Gain Friends, Lead People, Be a Hero (E-book)
Author: Ziyaad Abdurahman
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This the culmination of the author's dream of empowering others through his writing. He explores what he calls a sense or feeling of ‘belonging’, which he believes can fulfill the human need for connectedness and acceptance from others. Gain important life and listening skills through tips which will promote the art of conversation and enable readers, especially young adults and the youth, to gain friends and become leaders in their communities.

About the Author
Ziyaad AbdurahmanZiyaad Mazlo Abdurahman grew up in Hanover Park where he attended primary school. The area is disdavantaged and rife with drug lords and gangsters. Ziyaad has, through consistent effort, managed to overcome this background, having matriculated at Alexander Sinton High School in Athlone and studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where he obtained the BA degree (Marketing). This is where he became interested in psychology. He has read widely on the subject, especially the field of human thinking and behaviour, and has completed an internship in marketing at Zero Foundation, a corporate intelligence company.

Ziyaad now offers presentations and seminars and manages a website which contains a forum for discussion on aspects of human behavior and relationships and contains articles relating to his book, as well as information on his seminars and projects.

Book Details
ISBN 9781928535353
Format Ebook (epub file)
Pages 208
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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